Get it on the market ……………… do it now!

We at Bennett Lorusso can understand you may be wary about putting your home up for sale ahead of finding a suitable property to move to, but in our experience this may not be a wise move.

Industry figures show that vendors who sell first save an average of £30k compared to vendors who find first.

This is based on having to sell speedily and perhaps settle on a ‘lower’ figure and pay the full price on a purchase in order to buy some time to secure it.

If you have time on your hands through not having to rush to secure a purchase, you can afford to wait for the best price on your own before assessing the best properties available and then trying an offer on your prospective purchase as you will be able to negotiate from a position of strength.

Also if you are in a position to proceed you will get to hear about more properties as agents will know you are ready to buy and contact you first when something special comes up.

And of course, if everyone waited to find first, there would be hardly anything coming to the market, so your property may stimulate another to come to the market which may in turn stimulate another which may be of interest to you?

Why not give us a call to arrange a home visit and discuss the concept further – call 01480211777.

Laura Thurbon

   June 27, 2017